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Always be innovating. That’s what we say. We work to help you innovate, we help to think the unthinkable and do the undoable.

All companies innovate right? Wrong. Some just do bad things a bit better. Some just do the same thing again with a re-badge, or in a different flavour. Once companies get too big they stop innovating. It’s all good when they are growing, young, a challenger. But when they get big they have too much to lose. It’s too risky. That’s when we come in. We look at the business, the trends, the landscape with a fresh pair of eyes. We chart innovation opportunities and work with companies to define a new future, a new strategy, new products or services. The world is littered with examples of companies that haven’t innovated. It’s a graveyard out there. We work with the biggest companies in the world to ensure they are continually innovating. This includes Samsung, Coca Cola and some hush-hush companies. We look after left-field so you don’t have to.

We work inside companies, we organise hacks and jams, we will set up an internal team tasked with stretching what you do, or we will come and do it for you. It doesn’t matter. Just as long as you’re always tinkering.

Get in touch if you’d like:

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a longer piece of work, or;

a Rebel Cell start-up built inside your business.


Gentoo are a great company. They build and manage houses. But they do more than that. They build hope. In their own words they improve the art of living beyond imagination. Mark has worked with them to reimagine the way houses are designed, built, and sold. He has also developed innovation and growth strategies for them and their subsidiaries. He has helped them run events and exhibitions that have won awards. It’s easier when you have a great client but Mark has developed a number of great innovation projects with Gentoo from developing new financial products to changing the way houses are built. Sometimes the innovation is gentle, sometimes its disruptive. Either way, they now do things that they didn’t do before Mark got involved. Feedback includes "it was a really positive day and the feedback has been excellent. I am delighted. Thanks so much for all your help with this.".

Coca Cola

Mark has worked with many blue-chip businesses to identify new ways of doing things and ways of doing new things. His motto is that it’s not enough to do things better, we need to do better things. He has worked with Coca Cola to identify new product delivery systems and new retail opportunities. His feedback and testimonials from this work are embarrassingly good. Why blow your own trumpet when someone else will do it for you. "We like to bring Mark into projects that need imagination. creativity and enthusiasm....perfect to lead ideation groups and creative thought sessions".

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